Obituary & Remembrances

Bruce Bakeberg


My sister's name is Rena just three years older than I, and was the first girl in the neighborhood with a toy six-gun at her side. She taught me to print my name quite fancy when I was only five, and often I reminisce and think, "an artist was coming alive". We walked to school during our younger years and when crossing railroad tracks I would almost be in tears. Thank goodness Rena was there to hold my hand and comfort me, and alleviate my fears. She taught me to ice-skate, swim and ride a bike. We played games in the street and had popcorn almost every night.

In junior high my brother and I heard many a tune played on her old ‘45'. Mr. Sandman, Rock Around the Clock, and Jail House Rock really seemed to came alive.

The time went by so very fast, and before I knew it our childhood had passed. She went to the "U' with a bit of a fuss, she belonged in Art School and soon met Gus. I could hardly believe my sister would marry, but soon discovered Gus to be extraordinary. A few years later Bruce Gregory was born. Rena's labor was tough and worth the gain, Gus and I went to a movie to assuage our pain.


Rena was a truly wonderful friend, aunt, sister, mother and wife. She was more often concerned for others than herself.

I believe with my whole heart that she is with Jesus, our Lord and Savior, in heaven. I once made the comment "God is great", and in Rena's true fashion she replied, "yes…she is".

We loved Rena and she loved us. In closing I'd like to quote from one of Rena's favorite songs.

There are no gloomy skies

When seen through the eyes

Of those who are blessed with love

And the sweet secret of

A summer place

Is that it's anywhere

When two people share

All their hopes

All their dreams

All their love