Artist's Statements About Individual Works

Little Hope (from the “NO –elle” series)

Digital Kodak LED print, 2001, 24 x 16A 1943 studio photograph was scanned and altered (e.g., cross-stitching on bodice was replaced with digitally created cross-stitched boycott symbols at waist); typographic additions are superimposed and colored for subtle readability while forming a lace-like overall pattern.

The rallying cry of the U.S. Army’s ubiquitous recruitment slogan ignores the fact that, for most women, reality consists of unequal pay for equal work; an impenetrable glass ceiling; and, when she is done at the office, another full-time job at home. Routinely attaching to job titles suffixes which have nothing to do with job performance (and which, in fact, relate only to gender) serves only to (1) imply that the root word is somehow inherently male, and (2) insure that sexist attitudes and unfair treatment will persist.